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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Allow Animals? 

Sorry, we do not allow any animals in our rooms or on the premise, this has been so since November 2019.  The only exception is for extended stay guests, staying longer than 1 month in a townhouse or villa. 

How far to the lifts of Granite Peak? 

It's about 250 yards from the Main Inn to the Comet Lift.  From the Townhouses & Villas to the Comet Lift, it is about 330 yards.


Do you sell lift tickets during ski season?

We do not have tickets available at the Inn for purchase.  While we are located right next to Granite Peak Ski Area, we are two different businesses.  


Is the hot tub outdoor and how many  does it fit?

The outdoor hot tub will hold about 15 adults at one time.  It is open-year round (weather permitting) from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.


Do you really have real wood fireplaces?

Yes, we do in select rooms.  In the Main Inn, the Fireplace Studios all feature a wood-burning fireplace.  The Townhouses also each have one wood-burning fireplace in the living room.  The Villas have gas burning fireplaces.







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