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About Rib Mountain Inn

We are so proud to have this gem in the woods and are continually updating the facilities.

In 2020 , our most challenging year we are redoing the floors and other amenities.

We love this place . After many years the same, the Rib Mountain Inn now has a fresh new look.


We are proud owners and love the hotel in the woods concept with wood burning fireplaces and accessible hiking, golf and ski sports within walking distance all on one of the highest mountain peaks in the Midwest.

 We are doing our best to accommodate and provide your stay with the best atmosphere in the Wausau area. We offer wood burning fireplace in hotel rooms and service  that is second to none. In 2020 We updated rooms.

This hotel and B and B is one of a kind, nestled in the woods and a unique neighborhood.

New owners care about your experience and are working to make this a great experience at this one of a kind boutique hotel located on the base of Granite Peak Ski and Rib Mountain State Park. This is our third condo project of the last 5 years and we hope our experience will show in the way we can make this an amazing place to accommodate your travel or extended stay needs.

The History.

In 1982 Chuck Walters had an idea to build a hotel attached to Rib Mountain Ski area.

An avid ski enthusiast himself he purchased some land from the Olivas who owned the ski area at the time and started construction. This was the first development on the Rib Mountain Ski area and since the Inn is now surrounded by expensive homes and real estate. Around 2005 the Hotel was re invented with updates to the bathrooms and other areas including Granite counter tops and other amenities.


The original concept was a ski and recreational Inn located to touch the beauty of Rib Mountain and Granite Peak Ski area. The Idea of the Inn was to place  a home like setting in the woods with a real wood burning fireplace, a nice outdoor hot tub, sauna laundry for a romantic stay with nature.

The Inn is located in  a beautiful neighborhood with large Maple Pine and Birch trees so every room has a connection with nature . Thanks you for considering staying with our Hotel as we feel all our guests as part of our family.


Have a great stay,

Rib Mountain Staff and Owners


This is the old Rib Mountain Inn prior to  remodel in 2014. The original  Rib Mt Inn was built in 1981 as a condo hotel / ski lodge. 

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